The Spindle Eggcups - set of three!

£315.00 £360.00

A set of three solid marble eggcups, handmade in Italy by local artisans using traditional methods. The eggcups are made from pieces of recycled marble that would have otherwise been discarded but instead have been lovingly restored into these beautiful eggcups. They come in three profiles; 'The Dorchester', 'The Wentworth' and 'The Charlotte' all available in a variety of different marble finishes. The forms of each are inspired by the curvaceous profiles of traditional timber spindles and banisters.

This item is to buy All three eggcups together in a beautifully packaged box at a special discounted price of £315 for the set, (a 12% discount and overall saving of £45).

You can also collect them individually if you prefer and make up your own set, just get in touch with us and we will create the perfect eggcup order for you.

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