The Dorchester Eggcup


A solid marble eggcup, hand-madeξin a specialist workshop inξItaly by local artisans who have been working with marble all their lives.

The curvaceous form of the Dorchester evokes the idea of the hourglass profile of the 50äó»s pin-up and the grey veins of the marble that swirl around the shape reallyŒæaccentuateŒæthe voluptuous form.

This is a hand-made piece so each one is unique, the grey veins of the marble are a feature of the Arabescato marble but remember it's a natural material so the veins won't be exactly the same as the picture.

The eggcup is made from recycled marble, material that is cored out from other marble pieces and would otherwise be discarded has been lovingly recreated as a beautifulξeggcup.

As a recycled product the marbles available vary from time to time but please let us know what you would like and we will find something just for you!

Please note shipping and handling are not included in the retail price, please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will create the best delivery price for you depending on your order.

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