Concrete Wall Panel: L


A wall panel system of concrete panels with a 3D effect evoking the look of traditional timber panels.

The panels come in a variety of different sizes and proportions so creating a kit of parts that can be put together in multiple configurations. You can buy the panels separately, with or without artwork. If you have a larger project in mind we can tailor it to your needs and provide square metre rates.

We can also customise the artwork using your own images, it can be anything from your favourite landscape painting to a personal photograph, please get in touch so we can give you a quote!

Made in the UK by concrete specialists based in London.

Panel dimensions: 960 x 480mm

Artwork dimensions: 660mm x 180mm

Photographer's Credit for first set of 9 images: Simon Maxwell

Photographer's Credit for last set of 3 images: Carole Poirot

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