About Us

A new furniture, product and lighting design brand, born out of London based architecture studio Feix&Merlin Architects.

Over the past few years we have been working on a capsule collection of furniture, product and lighting designs which were launched at London Design Festival 2013 in a pop-up shop in Covent Garden.

The first collection comprises of six new products from hand-made solid marble side tables to hand-blown glass pendant lights; a coffee table inspired by ceiling cornices and a glass side table in two-way mirror with neon lighting inside.

As designers, Feix and Merlin have always been interested at what’s gone before just as much as what is to come; so the aesthetic of the brand seeks to echo tradition and craft whilst firmly looking forward.

All of our products are hand-made or hand-finished using traditional craft techniques; the marble side tables are turned on a lathe by Italian artisans who have been working with marble all their lives; the pendants are made using an age-old hand-blown process relying purely on the skill of the craftsman to create the functional object.

We also look to the future and how we can incorporate new technologies in our products. The Sebastian night-light for example, is 3D printed from a 3D scan of male model, Sebastian Sauve, and then hand finished in London.

We support the UK design and manufacturing industry and wherever possible our products are hand made in the UK.