The Spindle Side Tables

The Spindle Side Tables are a family of solid marble side tables with three distinct profiles; the ‘Dorchester’, the ‘Wentworth’ and the ‘Charlotte’ . The forms of each are inspired by the profiles of traditional English timber spindles that are typically used for furniture feet and staircase banisters. 

The Spindle Side Tables are hand-made from solid Arabescato marble by specialists based in Tuscany Italy. Although the material is marble, the fabrication process is the same as creating a timber spindle, albeit using a much larger lathe; the side tables start as a solid block of marble that is slowly and carefully turned and shaped into the spindle profile, the centre of the side table is cored out to reduce weight.

We are using this core, which is essentially a ‘waste material’, to create mini-me versions to be used as small side tables ; in this way we can minimise waste of this beautiful material and also breathe life into a something that would otherwise be discarded.

The side tables can be used internally or externally, in bathrooms and wet spaces and are available in a variety of sizes and finishes, and because the stone is always different each time, each one is unique.