The Glass Pendants

The Pendants are all hand blown glass pendants, hand-made in the UK by glass specialists based in Hertfordshire.

The pendants come in three profiles and four finishes; The Dorchester (clear glass, ribbed finish); The Wentworth (smoky grey glass); The Charlotte (clear glass, diamond finish) and The Charlotte (clear glass). 

This is a handmade product made by skilled craftsmen in the UK, using a traditional hand-blown glass process, a skill that requires years to perfect. We are trying to support the UK design and craft industry and wherever possible designing and making all our products in the UK, giving everything the ‘Made in Britain’ stamp. Compared to other routes of procurement it is more expensive to manufacture in the UK, however, we hope that you will appreciate the quality of design and craftsmanship in the products and help us support the UK design & manufacturing industry.