The Sebastian - night light

A night-light in the form of top male model Sebastian Sauvé.


A single LED bulb creates a subtle glow illuminating Sebastian's face and creating a shadow of his silhouette behind. When you wake up in the middle of the night Sebastian will be there, but don't worry he's not starting at you, he's staring at himself. 


The project is in collaboration with the artist Stuart Sandford who originally created the 20-inch statue entitled 'Sebastian' (2013). The piece takes its cue from the male form in classical sculpture but reinvents the pose for the modern day. Working with top male model Sebastian Sauvé as the inspiration, we see the model caught in a pose taking his own picture, raising themes of narcissism and self-admiration as well as a comment on the icon and its place in contemporary culture.


The light source is in the camera that Sebastian is holding creating a glow around his face. The piece is 3D printed and incorporates a 3D signature of the artist. 3D printed and hand-finished in London.